My work in Fine Arts focuses on a joint effort between different discipline of Visual Studies and Media Study. I am committed to exploring the interdisciplinary space between the technologies and the arts. In this area of my work I focus on exploring the cultural and communicative potential of technologies such as interactive multi-media, electronic installation, networking and algorithmic image synthesis. 

Typically, as an artists and media specialist I am defined by the media forms I employ. However, I choose not to define practice based on a medium in favor of a broader strategy of cultural investigation that continuously re-defines its object. My work tends to examine the following principle: resist pre-packaged media, while seeking to create my own. Develop interdisciplinary concepts, execution, and critique. I try to engage with the latest technologies, scientific processes and best practices accessible. I do not necessarily require cutting edge technologies to make my work. I often reclaim, alter or appropriate existing technologies through creative re-use or miss-use for communicative cultural significance. My area of interest is jointed between Visual Studies and Media Study in these two areas I share the same passion.